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Chiropractic Care - Dr. Stone (0:30)

4 Common Patient Questions - Dr. Stone (8:30)

Testimonial of the Week

Dennis has had lower back pain on and off since he was 17. He could barely walk and his rotator cuff kept popping out of place. "I could barely put my jacket on and lift my arm above my head." Dennis has never liked the idea of using medications, surgery or pills. A friend suggested he try chiropractic care to help his pain. Since coming to Stone chiropractic he feels so much better. " I can skip again now. I can move my arm around." He notices the difference when he goes even 3 days without an adjustment. "I can get adjusted, come home, lay on the couch to watch T.V. and not have pain when I get up again. "It's a miracle I have the movement I have today compared to 3 months ago"

Dennis -Davison MI