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Testimonial of the Week

Gary first came into the office after a snowmobile accident that caused a spinal cord injury. He had an MRI done and was told to come back immediately. He had to have two neck surgeries done and there was a chance he would be paralyzed due to the injuries. Gary had so much pain he was unable to lift his hands above his head or do most things without pain all over and problems sweating. Gary was watching videos on treatment options and had an appointment to go to California this fall when he found Stone Chiropractic. Gary said we were the closest treatment plans to the one in CA without having to travel.  Since coming in for treatment Gary has noticed major differences in his daily life. "I can now lift my hands above my head." His pain has dropped down and he is able to do more things than before. "The staff is very friendly and efficient. I feel like you guys are my friends now."

Gary A. (Millington, MI)