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D Core Pillow

Cervical Traction Collar

P-Core Belt (Lumbar Support)

Posture Medic

Exercise Instructional Videos

Upper Exercise #1

Upper Exercise #2

Lower Exercise #1

Lower Exercise #2

Lower Exercise #3

Cervical Rotation

Thoracic Rotation #1

Thoracic Rotation #2

Lumbar Rotation #1

Lumbar Rotation #2

Office Hours


The Neural Highway - Chiromatrix(5:28)

Chiropractic Care - Dr. Stone (0:30)

4 Common Patient Questions - Dr. Stone (8:30)

Testimonial of the Week

" Kylie first came into our office with neck and back pain due to working long hour days standing on concrete. Kylie comes to see us straight from work and she states" that after her adjustments her pain is cut in half." She states it only took about 1 to 2 weeks to see an improvement and said" she can walk with ease now". She has even recommended us to her mother-in-law.

Kylie P. (Davison, MI)