Support Instructional Videos

D Core Pillow

Cervical Traction Collar

P-Core Belt (Lumbar Support)

Posture Medic

Exercise Instructional Videos

Upper Exercise #1

Upper Exercise #2

Lower Exercise #1

Lower Exercise #2

Lower Exercise #3

Cervical Rotation

Thoracic Rotation #1

Thoracic Rotation #2

Lumbar Rotation #1

Lumbar Rotation #2

Office Hours


The Neural Highway - Chiromatrix(5:28)

Chiropractic Care - Dr. Stone (0:30)

4 Common Patient Questions - Dr. Stone (8:30)

Testimonial of the Week

"I sought out Chiropractic care due to having stiffness in my neck. After starting care here ar Dr Stone's office my body is not as tight as it used to be. Since starting care working has become easier for me. After my first adjustment i felt really good, better than i have felt in a while. Then on the third day my body felt relaxed. I like the office a lot, every on has a good attitude and i love how the staff know the clients by name. "

Demario W Davison MI